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Alchemy Pewter; Tankards & Flasks
Traditional & Contemporary design from Alchemy.

Alchemy Pewter:
Alchemy pewter belongs to the time honoured body of master craftsman, 'The Worshipful Company of Pewterers', who were granted a Royal Charter in 1474 by King Edward IV for the legal manufacture of pewterware throughout England. Many of these ancient pewter-smithing skills are still among the methods utilised today by Alchemy to create their highest quality, rich collection of fine English Pewter drinking vessels and giftware.

Alchemy of England is a member of British Pewter Craftsman, as well as the BJGF in the UK, the BPMA in the UK and the PPAI in the USA.


Traditional Pewter Craftsmen:
Alchemy Pewter create a wide range of quality english pewter products including;

Traditional Pewter Tankards

Pewter Flasks

Pewter Goblets

Pewter Round Flasks

Traditional Pewter Giftware

Tankards, Flasks, Hip flasks, Oil Burners, Pewter Christening Gifts, Pewter Plates / Bowls & Trophies. Silhouette Collection. Pewter Snuggle Bears Giftware. The Faerie Ring Giftware, Goblets and much more..


More from Alchemy of England...

Contemporary Pewter:

The Modern Beer Drinker and Magic With Enamel.

Bringing pewter into the 21st Century, Alchemy Of England's latest innovations cater for the contemporary social drinker, both male and female and for every occasion. While still producing a formidable collection of high quality, traditional and uniquely styled, decorative English pewter tankards, Alchemy have modernized the genre and introduced the 'ZINNGLAS tm', the familiar beer glass, but in pewter!

Beginning with the four most popular shapes, Bitter, Ale, Lager and Continental, these pint 'glasses' are equally suitable for engraving and presentation, for commercial incentives in brewery-branding and of course for every day use; as they say, "beer tastes better in pewter"!

And for the ladies, the 'MINX tm' collection, the first purpose-made handbag flask, to hold a couple of shots of your favorite tipple. These cool, tubular flasks are capped with a selection of sensational, brightly enameled screw tops with a design to suit everyone from the lady golfer to the fashion-conscious club-chic. A bonus feature is an indispensable lipstick-mirror set in each top.

Pewter Head ShotsSportivo flasks

As with many of Alchemy's extensive range of designer pewter products, all these items are crafted using the combined skills of their Sheffield metalsmith’s-shop and the Leicester based casting workshops.

Staying with the eye-catching enameled theme, the new 'HEAD-SHOTS tm' are a range of stylish flask-tops for men including contemporary and traditional designs and available on all of Alchemy's flask selection, including their ultra-modern, sateen-finished 'CUBIC tm’ style. These unique enameled features are also now available in a collection of wine goblets and shot glasses.

Caprelli pewter collection

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Alchemy Carta: Pewter Tankards & Flasks. English pewter giftware and custom designed peremiums & incentives made in the UK from the finest english pewter.