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chinaAlchemy中文官方网站正式开通, 欢迎访问。

TEL: +44 (0) 116 282 4824 
FAX: +44 (0) 116 282 5202

Alchemy Carta:
For Pewter Flasks and Tankards.
Pewter giftware manufactured
in the UK from the finest english pewter.

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Welcome to the Alchemy Carta official website.
US enquiries visit American website.
/China: Alchemy中文官方网站正式开通, 欢迎访问。china

JOBS: Webmaster / Graphic Artist

For China: Alchemy中文官方网站正式开通, 欢迎访问。china

New Products from Alchemy.

Alchemy Carta:
Welcome to Alchemy Carta, creators of english pewter tankards, pewter flasks, giftware and custom business awards & incentives.

Alchemy boasts many product ranges, a thriving licensing scheme and a professional commissions division.

Alchemy Carta has been established since 1977 delivering fast bespoke giftware/award solutions for companies worldwide. More on our background here, or for the latest information see our BLOG.

  Fantasy & Gothic Art Licensing:
The famous collection of Alchemy Gothic artworks and paintings, and now Alchemy's UL13 brand of contemporary graphics, is a vast resource of superior and popular images covering the spectrum of cult genres including Medieval/Victorian gothic, through supernatural, legend and fantasy, and now, classic rock; all available for your creative use through Alchemy's licensing program.

Branded Merchandise & Product Rages:
Please browse through our collection of products made from the finest english pewter, including the world famous Alchemy 1977 range.

Alchemy of England manufacture and sell a massive range of pewter tankards, traditional pewter flasks, goblets and much more. View their online catalogue here and take a look at their latest, contemporary pewter tankard designs.
Custom Designs:
Looking for a custom design? Alchemy Carta commissions division will be happy to guide you through the design process.

To find out more about custom pewter tankards, flasks, awards and giftware click here.
At you can purchase traditional tankards, flasks and giftware. The trade catalogue features a large range of goblets, tankards, flasks and pewter giftware.
New Customer? Click here for access. Forgotten password? Click Here
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Alchemy Carta: Pewter Tankards & Flasks. English pewter giftware and custom designed peremiums & incentives made in the UK from the finest english pewter.