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After the art and designs themselves, the most important quality of Alchemy Gothic is its uniquely famous, highly respected and powerful brand name. Being established since 1977, there is now virtually no developed place on earth that hasn't heard of and doesn't have a specialist market for 'Alchemy Gothic'.

Alchemy Gothic's images don't just have to be printed or reproduced in two dimensions. Increasingly now, these artworks are providing both the subjects and the source material for many three dimensional, licensed giftware and décor products. New designs can be created especially and Alchemy's Origination Department is fully supportive of any such licensing project. Our artists and designers give help in developing new products and will work online with sculptors and craftsmen to direct their production.

Featured licenced products:

Here are just some of the licensed products created and branded with either the world renowned Alchemy Gothic or Alchemy Guild name.

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Resin Giftware
Bottle Covers
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For more examples see:
Licensee information (by product)

For further licensee information:
Licensee information (by Licensee)

For a full list of our licensed products and their respective licensees click here.

To find out how to become an Alchemy Gothic licensee and gain access to our wealth of fantasy and gothic art check out the proposal guide.

For further information:
Email us or call +44 (0) 116 282 4824


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