Alchemy FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Alchemy.



Where is the pricing information?

Please Contact Us for information on pricing structures for Trade and Wholesale.


New customer information

Click here for information on becoming an Alchemy customer.


How do I buy an Alchemy product?

If you are a member of the public looking to buy an alchemy product then please visit or If you are an existing business customer and want to use our online ordering service then please complete this contact form. For new business customers please fill in either our RETAILER or WHOLESALE/DISTRIBUTOR registration forms.


How do I become a Distributor/Wholesaler of Alchemy products?

To become a distributor/wholesaler please fill out this online distributors registration from or call Alchemy on +44 116 282 4824 for further information


How do I become a Retailer of Alchemy products?

To become a retailer please fill out this online retailer or call Alchemy on +44 116 282 4824 for further information.


I want to buy one of your products from a shop. Where do I go?

You can purchase goods directly from us via our website at or from one of our Listed Dealers. Alternatively you can visit the shopping emporium at for a list of alchemy dealers in your area.


Do you have a distributor in my area?

A list of areas covered by our current distributors can be accessed from this page.


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