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The famous collection of Alchemy Gothic artworks, paintings and graphics is a vast resource of superior and popular images covering several cult genres; Medieval and Victorian gothic; the supernatural and occult; astrology and divination; myth, magic, legend and fantasy.

With the enthusiastic support of Alchemy’s seasoned Origination Department and its team of artists, all of these artworks can be edited and converted almost indefinitely to suit virtually any product or application, or use to inspire the design of any amount of objects from watches and posters to furniture!


Licensing includes the registered brand names, Alchemy Gothic, 'A7' and Alchemy England, depending upon the type of product and processes involved.


To view our priceless art treasures, please go to the Alchemy Gothic Art Library.

The brand name of Alchemy Gothic is, without doubt, the World’s most established and comprehensive, famously recognised and sought after in the hugely and consistently popular niche market of fantasy and gothic mythology. There is no branded competition...

Established in England nearly 30 years ago, (1977), against the backdrop of rock, metal, punk and goth music, bikers and alternative fashion, fantasy role-play games, medieval and renaissance fairs, historical-fantasy & occult novels, comics and movies and a quenchless fascination with the supernatural and traditional horror.

Universally popular with a large proportion of 12 – 30 year olds and a lifetime dedication to a huge audience of fans and alternative lifestyle advocates.

Alchemy 1977 are the 20th century’s original Gothic Revivalists, single-handedly reintroducing and popularising the authentic Medieval, Renaissance and Victorian styles and traditions back into the lifestyle-market place.


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